Welcome to LED Trees of Light!

Trees Of Light combine light emitting diodes (LED's) with artistic botanical creations to produce beautiful, unique light sources which can be enjoyed in a variety of settings.   As you will see on the pages of this site, LED's are actually placed inside the leaves, blossoms, and foliage.  The result is a captivating display of light, color, and beauty!  The calming effect of Trees Of Light make them suitable for many indoor and outdoor uses, both commercial and personal.

Known for low energy consumption and long life (50,000 hours), Trees of Light plug into a standard 110v outlet and come with a 24v transformer, resulting in low-voltage output.  Electrical components meet either CL or UL standards, depending on the country of destination.  Although we primarily sell inside the U.S., we have provided trees to customers in over 13 countries.

If you enjoy light and beauty, you will find them both in Trees Of Light.  Whatever the occasion is, be it personal or commercial, our trees will provide you with a unique product that coworkers, customers, friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the site!